NobleHeart Productions

Created in 1997 by Sacha Shawky, NobleHeart Productions is committed to giving voice to people and ideas that shape our world and exploring the possibilities of a world to come.


 No one works in a vacuum and I have been extremely fortunate to cross paths with so many gifted DP’s, editors, sound recordists, graphic artists, AP’s, web designers, transcriptionists and interns. They are too many to name individually but they have all left their unique mark. These film clips cover the period from 1997 to the present. It has been my honor to meet and learn from all of my subjects.

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro
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Pretty Well Fed Up: America's Sit-In Movement

At Bennett College, a historic speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires a new generation into action.

Pretty Well Fed Up: A Social Justice Curriculum

A companion nine-volume curriculum for use in classrooms and nontraditional education settings. Here the Honorable John Lewis tells the story of meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the first time.

We Are She

Starting with the election cycles of 2012 and continuing into the present, intimate group discussions and profiles have been filmed in Paris, Cairo, and across the US.

We Are She offers a unique long-term perspective on the role that government plays in women’s lives across the globe and political aisles.

The Man Who Writes With Light

A profile of the work and philosophies of renowned Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Body Language

Using the choreography of Bill T. Jones, a dancer, director, and author, this live interactive series encouraged teenagers to write their own autobiographies through movement.

Looking For The Story

This piece explores art as social history within the American collections at the National Gallery. 

Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers

(ITEST)Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers in rural Mississippi, students study emerging technologies used in Catfish farming.

Nobel Prize In Chemistry Highlights

A profile of chemist Gerhard Ertl and his studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces.

Sacha Shawky
Director, Producer, Writer

What now seems like a lifetime ago, when I started NobleHeart Productions, I wrote the mission statement that appears at the top of this website. I wasn’t sure where that mission would lead me.

I didn’t have any real startup experience, cash or even a well thought out business plan. I hadn’t followed the traditional trajectory of film school or a communications degree. All of my previous experience in content and production was a baptism by fire.

But I did know this. I had a burning curiosity and a passion to let others tell their story and to expose the common threads that weave us together. I still have that fire and I still believe in those words with all my heart.